Diamond Petro Limited

For Complete E&P Solution


From Inception to the Commissioning

We have been serving the Oil & Gas industry for more than 25 years. We started our journey from 1988 by importing & exporting, trading & merchandising Fossil Oil, Edible Oils, Coal, various Ores, Oil-seeds, Fertilizers, Grains, Music & Video discs, Motor Vehicles, etc., in major consumption markets for about three decades. It is importing machinery & services for motor vehicles, sugar, oil & gas, food processing and chemical industries. With a network of over 6 divisional head quarters spread across Bangladesh and 4 international offices and a workforce of over 200 dedicated employees discovering a new height of achievement. You may visit our general businesses at dgocl.com 

Here we, the highly experienced professionals, assembled as a team and providing all types or services from inception to the production of oil and gas. We first designed and indigenously fabricated, assembled, installed and commissioned the Belabo high pressure gas dehydration plant. Later on we have completed many projects as described in the "Our Professionals" page.

Our Finance
We can also finance projects up to USD 100 million. We have a sister concern called Diamond Finance, which has been financing various project entrepreneurs for last 11 years arranging the finance from individual private investors and from institutional financing companies also. For more details, please visit Diamond Finance.


Diamond Petro Limited is incorporated and registered in Bangladesh. It has three international offices in UK, USA and in India.