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COVID-19         05/06/2020

Our operations are still very limited due to virus spreading rate keeps making new high everyday in Dhaka and adjacent areas. Everybody is directed to wear PPE during work must. 

25 June 2020

Our airports deliveries will resume from 26 June 2020 in a limited way. 

25 July 2020

Our airports deliveries resumed from 26 June 2020 in a limited way.

Marginal Fields Acquisition

24 July, 2020

Negociation started with GNRL from India to jointly bid for the BAPEX marginal fields acquisition.

12 December, 2020

Meridean Global Pvt. Ltd. from Cape Town sined MOU with Diamond Petro to invest USD 450 million in the Oil & Gas fields exploration and development projects in Bangladesh.

24 June, 2021

Joint Operating Agreement signed with GNRL Oil & Gas Limited (GOGL) (from India) and jointly bid for the BAPEX marginal fields acquisition and was selected to provide BAPEX the final Proposal. The final proposal was submitted to BAPEX on 23rd March 2021 and it is still under evaluation. This proposal was submitted by Diamond ROTOR Telesto GOGL Consortium after forming the consortium with Academ ROTOR LLC from Russia, Telesto Energy Pte. Ltd. from Singapore, and Quantum Energy Inc. from USA.