Diamond Group of Companies

Chairman's Message

Diamond Group has always been a value-driven organization. These values continue to propel our harmonic growth and business.

During the last five years, we have committed to making the Group’s services and products offerings consistent, doing so through disposals, developing innovative products, started foreign trades and creations of subsidiaries.

Diamond Group at the same time became the leader in Electric Vehicle market in Bangladesh and name and fame spread across this subcontinent and in Africa as well. The Group also became one of the trusted financial service house in the country and globally. The Group also developed extraordinary herbal products, those are unparalleled, to enhance the everyday life of the people. The Group also poised to extend its urea fertilizer, DAP and Rock Phosphate business in Bangladesh and started bidding the BCIC tenders. Also, the Group is in the process of acquiring a gold mine in Tanzania and start producing the gold by the beginning of 2021.

I am committed to the enduring values of integrity, accountability, innovation and flexibility, value creation and social responsibility. Today, these values are more important than ever to our stakeholders. We strive to be a model of safe, reliable and economical products for our customers and operations for our business.

The Group has also successfully extended its geographic presence with subsidiaries across this subcontinent and is now ideally positioned to go globally.

All of this has been made possible, thanks to the Group’s staff and the management who have made their efforts and works into major assets, both from a human, technical and sales perspective.

Diamond Group will henceforth manage the exponential growth and continue this cycle with a strong cash position and confirmed credit lines, hence proving the trust that the banks and the investors have in the Group.



Haidher Syed

Chairman and CEO

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