For Real Time Monitoring of

CCTV, Cameras & Collected Data


For Real Time CCTV & Camera Monitoring
Monitoring CCTV & Observation System 

Below is a brief outline of our live observation services of CCTV and Cameras at home or your facilities

Monitoring of CCTV & Cameras

Do you need to keep an eye on your site in real time? And interact with your site quickly? 


You can’t be everywhere all the time, but we can.

CCTV or recorded data is helpful after the fact but for critical jobs, you may want to know about it and intervene straight away. And a real life watch dog, or artificial intelligence can’t give you the personalized services a real person can provide. 

Potential Application

  • Personnel movements and attendance monitoring.
  • Logging personnel accessing sites. 
  • Communication with personnel accessing sites
  • Activation of customized alarms and warnings.
  • Observations and reporting of instrumentation, gauges, fluid levels, etc.
  • Monitor leaks, faults, noise on your plant.
  • Remote operation of equipment. 
  • Monitoring of pets, livestock and feral animals.
  • Send alerts (including phone calls) to supervisory personnel for malfunctions and unapproved site access.
  • Data monitoring and reporting. Sift through your constantly accumulating data.
  • Remote operation of basic equipment as per your requirements.
  • Daily or real time reports of observed activities.
  • Tutoring, counselling and personal coaching.
  • Tailored applications by request - tell us your problem and we will help find a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Hazard Monitoring

  • Monitor hazards remotely
  • Remove personnel from the line of fire in hazardous environment
  • Check for safe behavior
  • Communicate with and monitor personnel working alone.


Indicative Pricing:

A dedicated person as little as 

$ 3.00 Per Hour